Medwish international x medworks

MedWish International and Medworks Plan to Join Forces!


We are thrilled to announce that Medworks and MedWish intend to merge and will be finalizing the details in the upcoming months! Through this merger, we will create an even stronger impact in Cleveland, Northeast Ohio, and around the world. Together, we will be greater than the sum of our parts. In fact, we are confident that 1+1 = 3!

As two non-profits dedicated to providing high-quality, volunteer-driven healthcare to those in need, we’ve long sought synergies and opportunities for partnership. But now, we plan to take it to the next level by merging our efforts, expertise, and passion for equitable access to quality medical resources and care for all. We will enhance our capacity to deliver a full range of services, including free health clinics, insurance navigation, and medical supply and equipment distribution.

Since our organizations were founded, MedWish has shipped medical aid to 115 countries, diverting 9 million pounds of medical surplus from local landfills as we distribute aid domestically and internationally. Medworks has treated nearly 30,000 patients with over 45,000 free health services. Together, our organizations engage thousands of volunteers and we have cultivated extensive networks of nonprofit and governmental partners in Cleveland and around the world.

Britta Latz, Executive Director of MedWish and who will take the helm as incoming CEO of the soon-to-be merged organization said: “This is an exciting next chapter for both MedWish and Medworks. Both organizations have worked tirelessly to help those in need through our unique services and programming. Together, we can amplify and deepen our impact as a unified organization.”

“A Medworks/MedWish amalgamation is a brilliant step for volunteerism in service to humanity, both locally and globally,” said Mitchell Balk, president of the Mt. Sinai Health Foundation, a longtime supporter of both organizations. “The service geography may be a bit different but the two missions, to safeguard and improve health of often forgotten individuals in Greater Cleveland and in the developing world, will guarantee a strong future for the new, combined organization.”

By combining our efforts, we will aim to:

1. Amplify our Impact: Together, we will deliver a more comprehensive range of health Care + Connect services to grow and deepen our impact, locally and around the world.

2. Streamline our Efforts: By combining our resources, we’ll work more efficiently and effectively to address healthcare disparities and improve access for all.

3. Deliver Innovative Solutions: With a shared vision and collaborative spirit, we’ll innovate new ways to promote volunteerism, serve vulnerable populations, engage community partners, and help our environment.

4. Cultivate Community Unity: We’re bringing our supporters, volunteers, and partners together under one roof, fostering a sense of unity and collective purpose. Together, we will make a larger difference for the people we serve.

Dr. Lee Ponksy, MedWish founder and board co-president, and Zac Ponsky, Medworks founder and board co-president, said in a joint statement: “The merger of these organizations is incredibly exciting and will accelerate the spirit of people helping people that is core to our missions and the work we do.  We could not be more thrilled about the path ahead.”

In a nutshell, we believe that together, MedWish and Medworks will make a stronger and more efficient impact as a merged organization. Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this exciting journey!


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