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MedWish International has been saving lives and the environment since 1993. 

As we continue to grow, expanding our reach to those both locally and globally, we want to share our impact through the powerful stories we hear along the way.

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January - December 2022

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Our efforts in ukraine

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In February 2022, MedWish International responded to critical medical supply shortages and other basic emergency needs resulting from the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

Because of our long-standing Ukrainian recipients, MedWish has been able to distribute medical supplies and equipment as well as basic emergency supplies to relief organizations in Ukraine and surrounding countries directly assisting those impacted by the emergency.

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our impact in action

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Local & Domestic Aid: Cleveland

Nadya arrived in the US in June 2022 after she fled from Ukraine with her husband and 14-year-old daughter, Diana, a few weeks prior. Diana has cerebral palsy and scoliosis.

Nadya carried her daughter Diana into MedWish in hopes to receive much-needed medical supplies. They were accompanied by Lilya from the Church of Evangelical Faith, who drove these ladies to our warehouse and helped translate.

After spending a few hours ‘shopping’ our inventory and being sized for the most appropriate supplies and equipment, Nadya was able to push her daughter out of the warehouse in her new wheelchair. In addition to the wheelchair, MedWish was able to provide basic medical supplies, and a power chair for Diana.

Local & Domestic Aid: New Jersey

Healing the Children New Jersey, Inc. (HTCNJ) is a nonprofit organization with the vision to create a world where every child has access to quality medical care.

In the summer of 2022, MedWish International worked with HTCNJ to ship more than 1,000 lbs. of supplies to Ecuador. This shipment included scales, IV poles, PPE, and other supplies and equipment to help doctors improve the quality of life for children and families in Guayaquil.

Upon their return, HTCNJ reported that they were able to successfully operate on 40 children with complex urology diagnoses thanks to the supplies from MedWish.

International Aid: UKRAINE

Dr. Romana Merza, a burn surgeon from Lviv, Ukraine, accompanied some of her peers on a tour of MedWish in July 2022 while on a trip to the U.S. for a conference held by our friends at Global Ties Akron.

After returning the following day with Dr. Mahlay of the Cleveland Maidan Association, the group in its entirety picked up 130lbs of surgical supplies to take back with them. Dr. Merza is pictured with the medical supplies received from MedWish.

International Aid: El Salvador

St. Dominic Church in Shaker Heights has been involved with MedWish for many years, taking supplies with them on international mission trips. One of their medical teams met Marcos in April 2022. Marcos has Spina Bifida and lives in a very remote area in El Salvador. Until now, he has crawled on the ground by moving on his hips, with his legs falling behind him. He didn't have a wheelchair. Due to his condition, he was unable to attend kindergarten at the start of the school year.

After meeting Marcos, their team began exploring how they could get him a pediatric wheelchair and came to MedWish for help. We were able to provide a wheelchair for Marcos, and on a very recent trip, it was taken to El Salvador for him.

The team reported that Marcos immediately took to the chair – naming it “McQueen” after the Disney Cars character Lightning McQueen – and began maneuvering around his small home. Although it won't be easy for his family to get him there, the chair opens the possibility for Marcos to attend school.

Local & Domestic Aid: Cleveland

For several years, Katherine, founder of the H.I.T.O.N. Foundation, has been trying to support her community using her own money and donations from members of her congregation. As the need for help continued, she decided to form "Help in Time of Need" (H.I.T.O.N.), a non-profit dedicated to providing assistance to those who are falling through the cracks of our insurance and social-service networks.

After learning about our Local and Domestic Giving program, Katherine made her first visit to MedWish in February 2022 where we were able to load over 450 pounds of medical equipment and supplies (including a wheelchair that was requested just hours before her arrival) and was brought to tears realizing how much joy she would bring to those she would be able to help.

As of February 2023, the H.I.T.O.N. Foundation has received more than 3,000 pounds of supplies from MedWish International and counting!

Local & Domestic Aid: Cleveland

Traditional shelters in Cleveland are not always equipped to help women recover from surgery or other acute health conditions. Oftentimes, when women experience a medical issue, they are rushed to emergency departments because of this lack of resources. Once they are treated and discharged, the next steps are either back to a traditional shelter or the streets, which starts the cycle all over again. 

Mary’s Home became a recipient of MedWish through our Local & Domestic Giving Program. In February 2022, we provided supplies to furnish the facility’s 10 private residence rooms, including medical beds, mattresses, mattress covers, and nightstands. By working with MedWish, Mary’s Home saved more than $20,000.

Mary’s Home provides a nurturing, caring place to recuperate women experiencing both homelessness and acute medical conditions. This facility welcomed its first resident in March 2022.

International Aid: Ghana

The OKB Hope Foundation aids in providing essential clinical care via mobile health units to the people of Ghana in an effort to teach public health empowerment and create life-saving solutions for its citizens.

Founded in 2017 with a vision to ensure that equitable and quality healthcare is accessible to all Ghanaians, OKB Foundation has provided free transformative healthcare services to the communities of Ayigya, Susanso, Ejisu, Ejura, and more! As the organization continued to see the growing need for accessibility, they began to look for more efficient ways to serve. Since the launch of their Mobile Van Initiative in February 2022, OKB has served over 2,000 individuals in more than 12 rural communities to date.

In July 2022, Osei Boateng, founder of OKB Hope Foundation (pictured here), came to the MedWish Warehouse to pick up the next round of supplies to be shipped to Ghana to continue his life-saving mission. This hand-carried pickup resulted in over 500 pounds of medical supplies and equipment. This list of goods included a portable ultrasound, digital scales, a vital sign monitor, blood pressure cuffs, and more.

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