About MedWish

MedWish International is a nonprofit organization that saves lives and the environment by repurposing surplus medical supplies and equipment to provide humanitarian aid to people in need.





MedWish bridges the gap between abundance and absence, surplus and scarcity. Our work improves access to quality healthcare while promoting environmental stewardship.


How we do it

MedWish partners with healthcare facilities to divert useable medical surplus from landfills. Staff and volunteers sort, quality check, and pack all donations. We match our inventory of surplus medical supplies and equipment to the critical needs of our vetted recipients across the globe.

INTERNATIONAL: Container shipment to Sudan packaged and ready for departure from the MedWish Warehouse.

Who we serve

Since 1993, MedWish International has partnered with recipients in 115 countries to provide humanitarian aid to those in need.

MedWish aims to serve populations within medically marginalized communities, both locally and internationally, supported by medical missions, clinics, hospitals, and nonprofits.


Humanitarian Focus

We are dedicated to providing medical aid to lessen the burden of suffering people regardless of religious or political affiliation.

Environmental Consciousness

We look for every opportunity to recover, recycle and redistribute all in-kind donations.

Community Benefit

We give back to the community through the use of local services, employment and partnerships.


We do the right thing operationally, financially and socially.


With our employees, volunteers, and recipients at the forefront of all we do, we support an environment of respect, collaboration and safety.