MedWish recovers usable medical surplus from more than 140 healthcare institutions from all over the country.

Our range of medical supply, corporate, and service partners play a critical role in advancing our mission.

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IN 2021

Healthcare Partners
Pounds of Medical Surplus Diverted from Landfills

Benefits for our corporate partners

Environmental Footprint

  • Metrics of Impact
  • Support of Energy Star Benchmarking Initiatives


  • Shareable Reports
  • Increased Brand Recognition
  • Marketing & Sponsorship Opportunities


  • Tax Benefits (to extent permitted by law)
  • No Cost to Work with MedWish
  • Reduce Disposal Fees
  • FREE Local Pickups

community support

  • Do Good Locally & Internationally
  • Contribute to Making MedWish Moments Happen - Receive¬†Pictures & Stories of the Impact Your Donations Have

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  • Allocating a percentage of available equipment to MedWish.
  • Advocating for donations to MedWish when there is a supply surplus.
  • Collaborating with manufacturing, healthcare, and distribution partners to consider supporting MedWish instead of resale.
  • Engaging with our team for ongoing education and team engagement opportunities.

MedWish does not accept medications/pharmaceuticals, items contaminated by direct patient contact, broken or expired medical supplies.

partners already making a difference with medwish

QUESTIONS? Please CONTACT OR 216.692.1685 X193.

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