Skill Building

MedWish International's Skill Building Program is a volunteer-based vocational training that provides a structured environment for people with autism, disabilities, and other special needs or barriers to employment.

about the program

IN 2023

Partner Agencies
Individual Participants
Service Hours Completed


Builds Confidence

Develops Social Skills

Encourages Teamwork

Improves Motor Skills

We work closely with partners to create a safe and inclusive volunteer experience that supports occupational therapy goals and community integration. Volunteer opportunities include sorting tasks: counting, bagging, packing, etc., as well as occupational tasks: work endurance, time management, and job safety. This program has empowered individuals with disabilities to learn new skills, prepare for success in the workplace or at school, and work towards their highest level of potential and independence.

The Skill Building Program furthers our mission to recover, repurpose and redistribute medical supplies and equipment to those in need, while simultaneously supporting the work of disability-centered agencies in our community.

Questions? please contact us at or call 216.692.1685 x22.