Local & Domestic Aid

MedWish International expanded our scope of support in 2018 to include the local community and those across the United States in order to help medically marginalized populations domestically. 

This program was a natural extension of our services and allowed MedWish to serve needs within our own community

About the Program

For years, MedWish has received countless calls for medical equipment from local individuals in need. Our board and team felt the needs within our own community were too pressing to ignore, therefore the Local & Domestic Giving Program was born.

With the help of our local nonprofit partners and social service agencies, we are able to identify needs within their communities. This allows us to get critically needed supplies and equipment into the hands of those who need them most.

We are grateful for all the local agencies who help make this program possible.

Our Impact

Since 2018

Orders Fulfilled
Pounds of Medical Supplies & Equipment Donated
People Impacted by These Efforts

available items

The list below contains the supplies and equipment most commonly requested.

All items are available on a first-come, first-served basis. With that in mind, the indicated items may not always be readily available when your order is placed.

If you are looking for a specific item that is NOT listed below, please contact us to confirm if it is in our inventory.


Home Healthcare Beds
Bedside Commodes
Shower chairs
Raised toilet seats
Digital Floor Scales


Diapers (infant and adult)
Baby wipes
Hygiene supplies (Shampoo, conditioner, soap)
Bed pads (chux)
Hygiene/Sanitizing Wipes
Wound care supplies
Hand sanitizer
Hip Kits


CPAP machines
BP Monitors

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Become a Recipient

If you are a local or domestic social service agency interested in requesting supplies on behalf of a recipient, please fill out the application below. Once your application is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation. We will follow up with you within 3-5 business days of your application submission.

questions, contact domesticaid@medwish.org or 216.692.1685 x22.