Remington College

From MedWish to Maple Heights

Remington College

“Remington College’s mission is to be community focused and we wanted to volunteer at a place that meant something to our community. By volunteering with MedWish, we never expected to receive as much as we have.”

Hannah Williams, Campus Administrative Coordinator
Remington College

The Remington College Cleveland campus in Maple Heights, Ohio has been around for 30 years and offers multiple programs for students, including healthcare. In 2020, the college moved and downsized, and had medical supplies left over from programs that were no longer being used. Instead of throwing them away, Hannah Williams, Remington College’s Campus Administrative Coordinator was able to connect with, and donate, the items to MedWish.

The connection between Remington College and MedWish didn’t stop there though. In 2022, Hannah and Brenda Boyd, a lab instructor at Remington College volunteered to sort items at MedWish. While sorting, they wondered where short-dated items went and realized they could use them to train students. Remington College is now a recipient of MedWish supplies every month.

“Brenda’s class gets a lot of supplies to help train our students,” says Hannah. “As a nonprofit, we wouldn’t have been able to purchase these items.”

Her classes have received so many supplies, including catheters, alcohol prep pads, gauze, syringes, equipment used for suture removals, blood drawing tubes, and gloves. With these items and so much more from MedWish, Brenda can teach her students how to set up sterile trays; she can show them proper handwashing techniques with gloves; and with the supply of needles from MedWish, she can allow students to practice drawing blood as much as they want and not just one or two times.

“It’s like Christmas when the supplies get here,” says Brenda. “The supplies we get from MedWish are items I didn’t learn to work with until I got into the field. Now students can go into the field with more knowledge, confidence, and skills.”

Each week, Brenda’s students do an assignment and assessment. With the supplies from MedWish, they have seen and practiced how to do a biopsy, draw blood in geriatric patients with a syringe, and use the right kind of gauze for capillaries.

“I don’t even know how to say how invaluable these supplies are from MedWish,” says Brenda. "I love hearing stories about how good our students are with their skills once they’re out in the field and MedWish is a part of that.”

Remington College may have started by donating supplies to MedWish, but now both organizations give back to one another.