Kitten Krazy

From MedWish to Medina

Kitten Krazy

Kitten Krazy’s motto is “We enhance people’s lives with the cats that we serve,” and their partnership with MedWish helps to continue that mission.

Wendy Mirrotto, Founder and Executive Director of Kitten Krazy in Medina, Ohio, started her journey of working with animal rescues at the Parma Animal Shelter. After moving to Medina a few years later, she wanted to find another rescue to volunteer at and soon realized that there was only one organization taking in cats and kittens in the area. Wendy knew she was the one to fill that gap in the community and started Kitten Krazy, a cat shelter and adoption center.

What started as a space in a small garage, has evolved into a 7,000-square-foot building where they’ve helped over 7,000 cats since its inception almost 20 years ago. Wendy explains that they can have anywhere up to 160 animals at a given time, so a lot of supplies are required to ensure quality care of the cats and kittens.

About 15 years ago, someone from MedWish reached out to Wendy to offer resources and supplies through our Alternative Recycling Program.

“It sounded too good to be true, getting free stuff,” says Wendy. “But I made that first appointment with them and have been going ever since. There are so many things that can be repurposed and we use those items daily.”

MedWish has been able to supply Kitten Krazy with a wide range of items, from syringes, lap pads (which are used as wipe-down rags), gauze, plastic containers to sort and keep items clean, needles, labels, and body markers to write the cats’ names on their collars. Wendy goes on to say that all the equipment has a role in saving these animals’ lives.

There’s a condition called Feline Panleukopenia Virus that spreads easily and can be deadly to cats. When outbreaks happen, the only way to keep other cats from getting sick is to put on gloves, gowns, masks, booties, and even hair nets to prevent the virus from spreading - and it all has to be changed in between taking care of each cat. Kitten Krazy is always able to have enough of these supplies on hand to ensure they’re prepared if they need it. Without MedWish, they wouldn’t be able to afford to keep enough of it in stock.

“I can’t even calculate how much money MedWish has saved us over the past 15 years and I tell everyone in the rescue field about how incredible MedWish is,” says Wendy. “Our experience has never been anything but pleasant and we’re always so thankful. And we’re constantly getting thanked back because we help to keep the items from being thrown away.”