#MMM: OKB Hope Foundation

OKB Foundation

In November 2021, Osei, founder of The OKB Foundation, packed up 598 lbs. of supplies from MedWish to start a mobile medical van.
The OKB Hope Foundation aids in providing essential clinical care to the people of Ghana in an effort to teach public health empowerment and create life-saving solutions for its citizens.
Founded in 2017 with a vision to ensure that equitable and quality healthcare is accessible to all Ghanaians, OKB Foundation has provided free transformative healthcare services to the communities of Ayigya, Susanso, Ejisu, Ejura, and more! As the organization continued to see the growing need for accessibility, they began to look for more efficient ways to serve.
Since the launch of their Mobile Van Initiative in February 2022, OKB has served over 2,000 individuals in more than 12 rural communities to date.
In July, Osei returned to MedWish to pick up the next round of supplies to be shipped to Ghana to continue his life-saving mission. This hand-carried pickup resulted in over 500 pounds of medical supplies and equipment, including a portable ultrasound, digital scales, a vital sign monitor, blood pressure cuffs, and more. We look forward to hearing about the impact of this most recent shipment!
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