300th Local Giving Order: Nadya & Diana

300th Local Giving Order: Nadya & Diana

July 13, 2022

We’ve fulfilled our 300th Local Giving order this year! As we continue to help those around the world, we understand the importance of our work in our local community, as well. Take a look at Nadya and Diana's adventures at MedWish!

Nadya arrived in the US mid-June after she fled from Ukraine with her husband and daughter, Diana, a few weeks prior. Diana (pictured here) has cerebral palsy and scoliosis.

In July, Nadya carried her daughter Diana into MedWish in hopes to receive much needed medical supplies. They were accompanied by Lilya from the Church of Evangelical Faith (where Global Cleveland hosted a legal clinic for local Ukrainian refugees a few weeks back - take a look at our post about it if you missed our recap) - who drove these ladies to our warehouse and helped translate.

After spending a few hours ‘shopping’ our inventory and being sized for the most appropriate supplies/equipment, Nadya was able to push her daughter out of the warehouse in her new wheelchair. In addition to the wheelchair, MedWish was able to provide basic medical supplies, and a power chair for Diana.

Local Giving Recipient from Ukraine - July 13, 2022